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Niggers and Crackers

It’s 2016, a very New Year and I must admit, I simply don’t get it.  What does it mean?  It must mean something; something pretty darn important since it is almost constantly referenced.  “Blacks” do this… “Whites” do that.  On and on it goes. 

So what does being “black” or “white” actually mean?  What exactly are white and/or black people?  Please tell me.  Do they all have certain traits or behaviors?  Enlighten me.

It must be very important since we as a society seem to use this as the highest form of individual classification.  So inform this poor sap from flyover country, what does it mean?

To me, other than one being more socially acceptable than the other, I see little difference between classifying individuals as black than nigger, or white than cracker.  Next time you read an article that uses these words, substitute “the n-word” for black and see how it sounds, how it feels.

It you can’t clearly and concisely explain what these classifications actually mean as used in common parlance, perhaps we should just toss this failed “scientific” theory in the dustbin of history.

These concepts are only kept alive by our keeping them alive and the very first step in being racist it to classify individuals based on a handful of visible physical traits.  With this understanding of reality (and it is reality), pretty much everyone is a racist.  I’ve an idea!  Let’s just stop it.

Instead we seem to be going in the opposite and wrong direction; more and more non-scientific classifications of individuals into these various abstractions.  The Federal government even has “standards” for race and ethnicity.  And they are adding more and more each year.

It has been 185 years since William Lloyd Garrison published the first issue of his anti-slavery newspaper, the Liberator.  In it he stated…

 "I am aware that many object to the severity of my language; but is there not cause for severity? I will be as harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice. On this subject, I do not wish to think, or to speak, or write, with moderation. No! no! Tell a man whose house is on fire to give a moderate alarm; tell him to moderately rescue his wife from the hands of the ravisher; tell the mother to gradually extricate her babe from the fire into which it has fallen;-but urge me not to use moderation in a cause like the present. I am in earnest--I will not equivocate--I will not excuse--I will not retreat a single inch--AND I WILL BE HEARD”

And he was heard.   24 years and a bloody Civil War later the 13th amendment was ratified and slavery officially ended in the US.

It’s been 53 years since Martin Luther King Jr. gave his profound, “I Have a Dream Speech” in which he too spoke of the urgency of the moment; “No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until "justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream."”

And 53 years later how do we judge ourselves and answer his call to a dream?  “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."”

If that creed is factually true then let us finally drive a stake through the heart of the failed “scientific” theory of race.  There is no such thing as the white race.  There is no such thing as the black race.  There are only individuals and they are not defined by the color of their skin. 

The goal is not to be colorblind; that is impossible as I can clearly see differences in all people I meet.  The goal is to understand these visual differences have no meaning in and of themselves.  They are meaningless and classifying individuals in this manner is rooted in a failed scientific theory hundreds of years old.

Look around you; particle accelerators are discovering the most basic building blocks of matter.  Remote controlled robots are roaming the surface of a distant planet.  Medical miracles, only a few years removed from being a dream on a white board are saving lives every day.

Everywhere one looks astonishing advances in our understanding of basically everything yet we still cling to this foundational racist belief of our forefathers.  Yes this will require a paradigm shift and some will have problems with the lack of a categorization of “us” and “them”.  The real epiphany is that from a scientific viewpoint there is no “them” and thus all classifications attempting to create “them” are flawed from the beginning.

There is only one person on the entire planet that you can control, yourself.  So take the first step with me and together let’s end the obscenity of race.  The time has long come.


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