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Holy Guacamole… continued

We are 14 days into the biggest social experiment in our lifetimes… the legalization of marijuana in Colorado (and soon Washington).  This is the first place in the modern world where weed is legal for retail sale.

It is a social experiment of immense (and unknown) proportions.  Many liken this episode to the 21st amendment which repealed alcohol prohibition and legalized (once again) its production, sale, and consumption.  I believe this analysis is actually backwards… I think a better comparison is with the 18th amendment, the one that outlawed alcohol.

You see, the 18th amendment was a grand, well intentioned (for now we’ll ignore the anti-Catholic/anti-immigrant aspects) experiment.  That’s what it was, an experiment.  Fed up with the excesses of rampant alcohol abuse, a motivated group convinced the country that the solution was to outlaw the product.  We all know how that experiment worked out.

Legalization of weed is also a grand, well intentioned experiment.  I personally believe it will work out a lot better than prohibition but that’s all that is, a belief.  No matter how one looks at the issue, it is an experiment whose long-term consequences are unknown.  And it sure looks like it is going to be copied throughout the country, years and years before these consequences are truly known.

Why is it going to be copied around the country?  Good ol’ cold, hard cash is going to drive it like a racing freight train across the country.  Not illicit cold, hard cash but cold hard cash as in a tax windfall for states that jump in the pool.

Here are some quotes from a Denver Post article, you can find the full article here… (emphasis added is mine)

Only one week into Colorado’s history-making recreational marijuana industry, one shop has already sold out of pot, others fear they may soon join it and perhaps as many as 100,000 people have legally purchased marijuana at Colorado stores.

Industry advocates estimate Colorado stores have already done more than $5 million in sales — including $1 million on New Year’s Day — though National Cannabis Industry Association executive director Aaron Smith acknowledges those are “back-of-the-envelope” figures. The owner of one store said she expects to make as much in sales in the first 10 days of January as she did all of last year selling medical marijuana.

Many shops have imposed caps on maximum purchase amounts well below the caps required under state law. Numerous store owners say they have sold out of marijuana-infused edible products. Toni Fox, the owner of 3D Cannabis Center in Denver, said she closed her store down on Monday and Tuesday this week, just to restock and give her staff a rest.

Even for stores that reported robust inventory, like High Country Healing in Silverthorne, owners said marijuana could become scarce across the industry if more stores don’t get their licenses approved and open to absorb the flood of interest.

“None of us could really prepare for what was going to hit us,” High Country Healing’s owner, Nick Brown, said on Tuesday. “I think we all thought we would see huge demand and lines. But I don’t think any of us expected what was happened over the last six days.”

More than 10,000 people bought marijuana at Colorado’s recreational pot shops on Jan. 1, according to industry estimates and tallies provided by the stores. And, while that initial surge was expected, the sustained interest was not. Brown and several other store owners said they saw only a slight drop-off in sales in the days after Jan. 1.

Colorado is looking at a flood of weed-related tax revenue flowing into the state.  It sure looks like it will be a windfall bigger than anyone expected… and other states aren’t going to just sit back and watch it happen.  Thus the experiment is taking wings right before our eyes.  Hopefully it turns out a lot better than the 18th Amendment.

It is mind-numbing to watch it happening… and this from a guy whose views lean libertarian.  The Denver Post… the major newspaper in the front range of Colorado has even started a website “exploring the culture of pot” which you can find here or just go to www.thecannabist.co.  This isn’t High Times magazine… in effect this is each of your local newspapers!

Want to know how to make the best weed-infused butter possible?  Want to check out the reviews for the “strain of the day”?  Cooking with cannabis, here’s how!  “Find a store near you”… just enter your zip code.

Want to know what the pricing and product situation is?  You can’t order marijuana on-line but you can be an educated price shopper.  Click here to see prices at one store… on a WHOLE range of products.  Of course there is smoking weed.  But edibles are huge.  Candy, flavored sprays, concentrated oils for use in vaporizers.  It’s all here.

Want the best vaporizer out there?  Check out our reviews!  Elliot, here’s a new market for FIN ;-)  Sorry, I couldn’t pass that one up.

Lots of opportunity here for everyone.  Perhaps a new income stream for Harry and Benj ;-)  Perhaps with a publication name like Wacky Weed Weekly ™?  Or Stoner’s Daily ™ or The Daily Stone™ or ??   Please send me some of your suggestions for a title.

Amazing to watch this process.  That disconnect between illegal and legal still rattles around my head.  How this all ends?  Will this prove to be a mirror image of the wisdom of the 21st Amendment or the well-intentioned but foolish 18th Amendment?

Is everyone in Colorado going to end up like this?  Seriously, you might enjoy that link and video ;-)  Or is it going to work out alright?

And what about alcohol sales?  It seems the general consensus is that legal weed will have a minimum impact.  I tend to agree but we must remember this is simply a WAG, nothing more.  (don’t know what a WAG is?  You should).

But I can’t help but believe there will be some sort of “lottery effect”.  Was all this money (and there is A LOT) being spent anyway, just in the illicit trade?  If so, this legalization is a good thing.  It also puts into perspective how MASSIVE the illicit drug trade is.

 Or more likely, a portion of this money was being spent in the black market anyway and is now circulating in the legal trade.  But one would think that at least a portion of this money is ADDITIONAL spending, and thus the lottery effect on alcohol sales.  It’s probably the later with the only question being how many additional, new incremental dollars are being spent on the weed-market and where these incremental dollars are coming from.  We’ll know the answer to that sometime down the road.

Strange world where smoking weed is more accepted than smoking cigarettes.  Will kids even bother with cigarettes?  I think weed is probably cheaper.  Or will being loaded become “uncool”?  Again, heck if I know.

And lastly a correction… I wrongly stated that out-of-staters could purchase up to 1 ounce at a time.  That privilege is reserved for in-stater’s.  If you are not from Colorado, you can only purchase ¼ ounce per retail visit.  I guess it will take more stops to fill up that glove box than I first thought ;-)  Oh, and the cops in surrounding states suggest you keep it in the trunk, not upfront with the passengers - really.  Well actually they also recommend you don’t bring it into/through their states… yeah, right.

Let me know what you all think of it.  It is amazing to watch.


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