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Leveraging Distribution

Well summer is here and I’ve decided to re-visit a few long ago posts which seem to be relevant today.  Or it could be that I’m simply lazy.  Anyhow, long ago in 2007 I wrote a three part series on leveraging the strength of your distribution… how the simple act of reaching out and joining hands to create a single distribution entity could drive a tremendous shift in power.

 Even though they are five years old, they remain relevant to this day. 

The first, Leveraging Distribution and Who Controls It – Part 1 can be found by clicking here.

The second, Leveraging your distribution system and investigating wine and spirits – Part 2 can be found by clicking here.

The third, Leveraging Distribution - Organizational Impact and State-Wide Associations - Part 3 can be found by clicking here.

Since then a number of distributors have created state-wide associations/agreements, most for the booming craft beer industry.  The idea still has tremendous merit.

In 2008 I explored the idea that power might be shifting back to distributors, that piece can be found by clicking here.  If we have the wisdom to take advantage of our unique sales and distribution power, I think distributors can remain powerful players, in control of our own destinies (at least as much as is possible).  No one can, nor will they realistically be able to come close to the power beer distributors bring to the market.  Never forget this.

Now in 2012, ABI (and MillerCoors) have their eyes set on your profits.  Never has it been more important to stick together… to act as one… to reach out and grab hands… to become A Band of Brothers.  And with the explosion of craft beers (and beverages of all types) the strength of connectivity cannot be over-emphasized.

And lastly as a fun (hopefully) article on fairness, "That’s not fair" and other "irrational" behavior, which can be found by clicking here.  ABI corporate (and most suppliers) might want to give this one a read too.



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Why go to an ABI distributor right now if ABI's end goal is to squeeze you out of their portfolio anyway? Besides, aren't their wholesalers used to a brewer with a much bigger ad budget, so any smaller brewer without that massive advertising isn't really going to get attention?

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