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Was ain’t is

Talk about concise and to the point… was ain’t is.  Recently in a local paper there was an article on the life of a 107 year old western wear pioneer.  Rather an amazing life story but what really caught my eye was one of his favorite sayings… anytime someone would be pining for the “good ol’ days” he would set them straight with “was ain’t is”.  For those who appreciate brevity and on target observations, there’s not a wasted word in it… was ain’t is.  During his memorial his granddaughter elaborated what he taught her: “Change is the only constant.  Understand it.  Get over it.  Move on.”

Now think of the change this person experienced in his life.  Born in 1901…  the depression, the wars, advances in science and technology, changes in people and how they lived.  He saw a whole lot of change.  Selling western wear since the mid 1940’s.

I don’t think I really have to explain why these three words are VERY appropriate for the beer industry in general… as change comes crashing along… at an ever accelerating pace.  It truly wasn’t that long ago that many markets had 8 separate beer wholesalers, each selling a beer which few today have even heard of.  Was ain’t is.  It truly says it all.

Of course not everyone is pining for the good ol’ days.  I have been amazed at what is being thought and tried out there.  This is most certainly a creative industry.  Outside the box thinking?  They’re so far outside the box that the box doesn’t even exist anymore.  Paradigms are falling so fast that the entire concept of a stable paradigm is being tossed in the trash can of history.

Will they be able to pull it off?  Who knows.  If they do, will it work?  Again, who knows.  Will you still be in business in 30 years from now?  Who can say.  But there is one thing we can say with certainty… was ain’t is… never was… never will be.


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