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Why do I post free consulting advice?

Why do I post “free” consulting and let other’s see my advice for A-B and multi-brand distributors?

Most businesses not on the cutting edge of technology are much like a professional sports team.  There is no magic or super special secrets that separate the winners from the losers.  The rules apply to everyone.  Whatever anyone does is quickly and easily noted by all the other teams.  The same pool of players is available to all.

So what makes a winner?  Two simple things. 

First, all business success is based on clear strategic thinking.

·                    You must know who you are

·                    What you want to accomplish

·                    An understanding of your external environment and trends in this environment

·                    The resources available to you – money, people, facilities, everything

·                    A clear understanding of your organizational strengths and weaknesses - we want to maximize our strengths and minimize, and correct our weaknesses

·                    What opportunities and threats are on the horizon - prepare to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves and prepare to deal with the threats if they come to fruition.

·                    Time frame to accomplish your goals – is this a sprint or a marathon?

·                    From this you develop your plan

Second, you must execute this plan.  And since the world doesn’t stay in one place while you execute you must also modify and adjust as you keep driving towards your goals.  There’s a saying in the military that no battle plan survives intact after first contact with the enemy.  Although to a much lesser extent, the same is true with business planning.

There is no magic.  I don’t have some special 3-ring binder where I keep the solution to this or that wholesaler problem.  Therefore I can publicly talk about what I believe A-B wholesalers should do to improve their businesses.  I can do the same for the multi-brand houses.  They can each read the other’s recommendations.  It changes nothing.

What do I do?  I help organizations by bringing extensive business knowledge to the table with fresh, unbiased thinking.  Regardless of how hard you may try, you and your people will find it difficult to think outside of your own company.

I help by directing a focused process of analysis, design, and implementation.  I have re-organized over 100 businesses; hopefully I’ve learned something in the process.

Ultimately, I help people and organizations change for the better.


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